Release notes

These release notes are summaries of the most important changes for public releases.

v2018.07.18 Published 2018-07-18
This is a development and security release. We're only highlighting the most pertinent changes this time, since there have been over 450 of them.

v2018.06.01 Published 2018-06-01
This is a development and security release.

v2018.05.15 Published 2018-05-15
This is a development release.

v2018.04.27 Published 2018-04-27
This is a bugfix release.

v2018.04.26 Published 2018-04-26
This is a bugfix release.

v2018.04.24 Published 2018-04-24
This is the first release on the re-forked and re-based UXP. Regressions are possible as a result. Please do let us know if you find something that regressed.

v2018.03.21 Published 2018-03-21
This is a maintenance release.

v2018.02.14 Published 2018-02-15
After this release, the current Basilisk will be in maintenance mode as we work on a re-forked UXP.

v2018.02.02 Published 2018-02-02

v2018.01.05 Published 2018-01-05

v2017.12.28 Published 2017-12-28

v2017.12.03 Published 2017-12-03

v2017.11.30/v2017.12.01 Published 2017-12-01

v2017.11.12/13 Published 2017-11-17