Privacy Policy/Information

Throughout the development process of Basilisk we have gotten questions regarding the privacy of the Basilisk browser itself as well as services hosted on The purpose of this page is to answer those questions and to provide more information to those who may be curious regarding this subject.

We don't want your data. We do not, and will not collect analytics or sell your data to anyone. For any reason. Period.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and as part of that right you should have the option to configure your Basilisk installation to fit your needs and your threat model. To be clear - Basilisk is not configured to be a private or anonymous web browser out of the box. If absolute privacy is something you desire it can be done with Basilisk, but it will take some research and testing on your end to reach that point.

That being said, we have to log some data for the security of our web services. We will document those services and what logs are collected below:

Basilisk also includes support for the following external services: