Release notes

These release notes are summaries of the most important changes for public releases.

v2024.05.11 Published 2024-05-11
This is a bugfix release.

v2024.05.01 Published 2024-05-07
This is a development, stability and security release.

v2024.02.03 Published 2024-02-03
This is a new milestone release.

v2023.12.09 Published 2023-12-08
This is a minor development and security update.
Important: as of this version, our beta FreeBSD binaries require at least FreeBSD 13.

v2023.11.05 Published 2023-11-05
This is a major development and security update.

v2023.10.03 Published 2023-10-03
This is a bugfix and a critical security update.

v2023.09.15 Published 2023-09-15
This is a critical security update.

v2023.09.12 Published 2023-09-12
This is a major development update, further improving web compatibility and fixing bugs.
Implementation notes

v2023.07.18 Published 2023-07-18
This is a major development update, further improving web compatibility.

v2023.06.20 Published 2023-06-20
This is a small bugfix and stability update.
There were no applicable Mozilla security bugs this time around.

v2023.05.17 Published 2023-05-17
This is another important, major development update.
With this version we should have restored web compatibility with the majority of reported problematic websites. If you were previously running into websites being problematic in Basilisk, it may be a good idea to try them again with this release.
Special thanks to Job Bautista, martok, dbsoft, FranklinDM and Travis, and all other UXP contributors for continuing their hard work making this a reality!
This updates the UXP/Goanna platform version to 6.2.
Implementation notes

v2023.05.01 Published 2023-05-01
This is a bugfix and security release.
Note: macOS, Linux aarch64, and FreeBSD beta builds will identify as 2023.04.30
Implementation notes

v2023.04.04 Published 2023-04-05
This is a major update which introduces WebComponents support among other things. Thank you to all of the UXP contributors who worked to make this possible.
Basilisk is now available in beta for macOS and FreeBSD

v2023.03.07 Published 2023-03-07
This is a bugfix update.

v2023.03.04 Published 2023-03-05
This is a bugfix and security update.

v2023.01.26 Published 2023-01-26
This is a new milestone release.
Primary focus for this milestone is web compatibility, in particular Regular Expression extensions, standards compliance issues and further JPEG-XL support.
This milestone now offers full coverage of the ECMAScript 2016-2020 JavaScript specifications, with the exception of BigInt primitives.
Special thanks to Martok, Job Bautista and FranklinDM without whom this milestone would not have been possible.

Most important changes:

v2023.01.07 Published 2023-01-08
This is a major development, bugfix and security release.
Implementation notes

v2022.11.04 Published 2022-11-05
This is a security and compatibility update.
Note: The Basilisk branding has been removed from the Basilisk repository.

v2022.09.28 Published 2022-09-28
This is a major development, bugfix and security release.
Note: The default serch engines have changed. Please verify that your configuration still uses your preferred search engine.

v2022.08.06 Published 2022-08-06
This is a major update.
Very Important: This is the first public release from the Basilisk Development team. As such, the vendor name in the application has changed. This means the profile directory has changed. See here for more info. You will have to perform a manual update if you are currently running Basilisk 2022.01.27 as it was compiled without an updater.
Note: Many things have changed since 2022.01.27 and 2022.08.06. We've tried to note all changes here but it is very likely something was missed.

Old Releases

Releases notes from releases by Moonchild Productions can be found here.